Episode 84 - Your small biz advertising guide

Do you have an advertising plan? Do you have an advertising budget? Are you just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks? In this episode, we discuss steps for putting together an advertising plan and some of the best options for advertising no matter how big or small your budget is. 

Most small businesses do not have an advertising strategy; they just throw ads out into the world hoping that something will work. If you want to stop throwing money out the window, you need to have a plan. 

Five things you need to know before you start running ads

What is the purpose of the ads?

Why are you running ads in the first place? Don't automatically say it is because you want to sell people things. Depending on your price point, you may need to develop a relationship with your potential customers first. Not all ads are designed to sell. Some introduce you to a new client, while others start building a relationship. You can even run ads that provide value as a service to...

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Episode 81 – Sleep: Your greatest productivity tool

What!!! I cannot sleep, I have too much work

Hey, we understand. Jeff resisted this notion for years. Because the idea that if you sleep more, you can get more work done in less time is counter-intuitive. However, Jeff was researching content on the basics of improving performance. We found lots of evidence that sleep is the foundation of performing at a higher level.

Is sleep the basis of better performance?

Yes, since adopting a few new strategies many of which we learned at Brendon Burchard’s live High Performance Academy (not an affiliate), we have both found an increased level of energy, less time lost to little energy, and greater focus for the entire day.

 The results have been so astounding we have rescheduled our whole content plan at Small Biz HQ to dedicate April 2017 to help our friends and peers.

While researching why we had the improvement, the actual importance of sleep became apparent.

If you do not know, Jeff is a skeptic.  So, he follows up...

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Episode 80 – How to listen to your customers online

Why is listening to customers still valuable online?

A business online is moving the way of the dinosaurs.  Even in the smallest companies, 73% are expected to have websites by the end of 2017. As the move to online happens, it becomes harder to perform the essential task of a business owner. We do not know how to listen to people we never meet.

Why is it difficult?

Even if we interact with some people in social media.  How many of those move to the website? How many of those buy from us or ever purchase one of our products?

 We completely understand the problems of feeling lost when you interact with only a small portion of your online traffic.  Across out platforms, we served people a little more than 990,000 times, and from that, we had under 10,000 interactions with people in social media.

 So, we looked to better listen to the people we educate online. We knew we needed to up our listening skills.  We knew we need to find a new way to listen.


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Episode 79 - The 4x4x3 Insight Guide for Sales

How where your sales today?

Ever wonder why those other businesses seem confident when the make an advertising buy for their business. Heck are you too scared to even try to buy and add because you think it will just waste your money?

It can be scary to create a funnel or a process for converting prospective clients into sales. We are looking will have to measure what we are doing.  We will see all of our mistakes.  Just follow me for a moment as we start to look at the benefits of a funnel and learn to make your business start working for you.

Stop being scared, invest your time creating a sales funnel

                If I asked you how many sales would you get if I could introduce you to 100 people, how many people would buy your product or service? Ten? One? Thirty? Could you even answer? 

I have not met many small businesses that can some do not even what a sales funnel is. And many who do...

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Episode 78 - The best social media platform for your audience

 In this episode, we discuss where to find your audience on social media so you can focus your attention in the right places. 

Mentioned this week

Amy Campbell

Pew Social Media Stats

Snap Chat Stats

YouTube Stats


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Episode 76 - Your first day

Whether you are planning your first day working full-time for your business or you had your first day ten years ago, this episode is for you. We discuss Jeff's plans for his first day working for Ingram Digital Media, Inc. and the three pillars of success for our business.

Your first day

If your first day in your business was tomorrow, what would that day look like? If you've been running your business for years, how would your first day and first week be different if you restarted today? 

Jeff has spent a lot of time working on his time budget and master schedule (get our Mastering your Time course free and try Small Biz HQ for 30 days for just $5 with coupon code MARCHFOR5) to ensure that he can hit the ground running. We've also spent a lot of time planning what we want the next few months to look like. 

You may not know this, but we actually have three active brands in our business: Small Biz Life, Accounting In Focus, and Gardul/Worldbuilder's Anvil. We've...

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Episode 75 - Social media scheduling update

There are always new players in the social media marketing world. In this episode, Jeff and Kristin look at two new players in the market: Tailwind and Recurpost. We also discuss our requirements for social media scheduling apps.

Our social media scheduling requirements

There are a few key items we always look for in social media scheduling apps:

  1. Library building for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn - we want a social media scheduling tool that will allow us to build libraries of content which will automatically repost. We can load content to manually or via RSS feeds and reuse the content. 
  2. Ease of setup - we want something that is easy to setup and use.
  3. Ease of scheduling - scheduling your libraries should be easy.

Bonus items we look for are good analytics and finding the best times to post our content. 

This week, we look at two new players in the marketplace, Tailwind and Recurpost.


Tailwind is a social media scheduling app for Pinterest and...

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Episode 74 - Prioritizing all the things

We all have way too much on our to-do-lists. Trying to determine what takes priority can be difficult. In this episode, Jeff and Kristin discuss how to prioritize all the things you need to get done. 

Often, we try to get everything done at the same time and end up getting nothing meaningful done. Knowing your priorities is an important step to finding the meaningful tasks in your business. Your top priorities should always be products and people. 

Products include everything you sell. If you don't have something that will generate income, you won't be in business for long. 

People are those who will assist your business and those who will become customers. Focusing on relationship building is an important part of your business. How much time are you focusing on it?

Don't get caught up in perfection. Don't get caught up in the technology. There are always ways to simplify the process so you can get started easily. If you are getting bogged down in the details, tells...

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Episode 73 - Affiliate Marketing Basics

In this episode, Jeff and Kristin discuss the basics of affiliate marketing and how to get started if you wish to add affiliate income to your revenue sources.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement between an online business and a website owner, that pays a commission to a website owner for traffic or sales referrals. The website owner can place links or ads on their website, social media, and in emails (depending on the terms and conditions with the online business). In simple terms as an affiliate, you promote other business's products and receive money from those businesses for doing so. 

Affiliate marketing is not just for bloggers anymore. Many businesses with an online presence are using it to supplement their income with products and services they do not provide or wish to provide to a larger audience. Affiliate marketing does not require you to place ads on your website. Many people just use links to the products in content, on resources...

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Episode 72 - Keeping your dreams and goals alive

According to a 2012 survey in the U.K. Daily Mail, most people give up on their New Year's resolutions by January 10. If you are still working on your goals and your dreams, well done! In this episode, we discuss how to keep your goals and dreams alive into February and how to keep going for the rest of the year.

 If you haven't done the Dream Catcher Assessment yet, we highly recommend you download it. It will help you keep your dreams and goals close. Even if you are using another method to create your goals, reviewing them on a regular basis is important for your success. 

When reviewing your dreams and goals, it is important to see if they need to be modified. Do you need to dream bigger? Are any of your goals no longer relevant? 

Take a look at your monthly contract sheet on the last page of the Assessment. You will want to print a blank copy of the page so you can do your contract for February. If you need to download the Dream Catcher Assessment, just click the...

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