Episode 92 - Simplifying your life

We spend a lot of time trying to simplify our businesses, but how often do you think about simplifying your life? In this episode, we discuss tips for simplifying your life. 

Simplify your home

  • Minimize your stuff
  • Automate your home maintenance
  • Have a cleaning kit
  • Pick up 15 minutes each day
  • Choose quality first

Simplify your money

  • Automate your bills
  • Pay off your debt
  • Have an emergency fund
  • Wait 24-48 hours for major purchases
  • Live simply
  • Be grateful
  • Find the root reason for overspending

Simplify your routine

  • Having a morning and evening routine
  • Create a monthly meal plan
  • Recreate leftovers
  • Have a few Plan B meals in the freezer or pantry
  • Don't get the mail until you are ready to deal with it

Other mentions

Episode 86: Finding your daily focus

Episode 33: Quick dinner tips

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

72 ways to simplify your life by Zen Habits

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Episode 91 - 2017 Email List Services Update

There have been some significant updates to email list managers in 2017. In this week's episode, we'll discuss what to look for in an email list service and what the major small business providers are now offering.

Mentions in this episode

Thrive Themes (affiliate link)

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Episode 90 - Pricing your services

When you set the rates for your services, how much did you think about it? How did you come up with that figure? In this episode, we discuss how to set a rate for your services that allows you to achieve your goals and plan for the future. 

Are you a price taker or a price maker?

In the area of pricing, there are two types of companies: price takers and price makers. 

  • Price takers are businesses with lots of competition that do little to differentiate themselves from the competition. Because of the lack of differentiation, rates are set by the market. 
  • Price makers are businesses with little competition in their field or that have worked hard to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Because they create additional value, these businesses are able to set their own rates. This is where you want your business to be. 

If you have ever studied accounting, you probably know that revenue - expenses = profit. This is a commonly taught formula and is the...

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Episode 89 - What are you really selling?

When selling products and services, we often spend lots of time focusing on the technical aspects of what we sell. However, we should be spending more time focusing on the benefits of what we are selling.

What are you really selling?

Every product or service we sell benefits our customers. When you look at Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, everything we sell fits into one of the five categories:

  1. Physiological needs - the most basic needs for food, water, warmth, and rest.
  2. Safety needs - the need to feel safe and secure.
  3. Belongingness and love needs - the need to have friends, family, and community.
  4. Esteem needs - the need for prestige and a feeling of accomplishment.
  5. Self-actualization - the need to live up to one's potential, including in creative endeavors. 

Where do your products fit into these needs? Are you using these needs to sell your products? 

In this week's episode, we discuss how to use benefits in your sales process and some companies that do this well. 


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Episode 88 – Want more customers? Improve website navigation

business/career website May 21, 2017

Most of the business owners I have met start thinking about their website in the wrong terms. They worry about how modern or "beautiful" their website looks. 

However, this is the wrong thing. When we start creating the site, our first concern should be how our visitors can find the content, product, or service they are looking for and then focus on how it looks.

Build your website for the audience you want to attract.

I do believe that the style of a website is important. I have left sites that look hideous. However, I mean hideous, not less the perfect or because it looks old.

The most common reason I leave websites is that I cannot find what I am looking for or it is not usable. As soon as I am confused and annoyed, I bounce.

It is not too late for your site

You are not alone if you want your site or be modern and pretty but far too often businesses do not think about what the user will experience on their site. Check out the episode below and learn...

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Episode 87 - 5 keys to creating connections

People want to do business with people they like and trust. The only way to create those relationships is to build connections. In this episode, we discuss the 5 keys to creating connections.

How can we create meaningful connections?

Many small business owners struggle with customer acquisition. Traditional advertising doesn't work and many are leery about social media or just don't know what to post. 

Today, people want to do business with brands they like and trust. However, many small business owners are waiting for a prospect to become a client before attempting to build relationships. When you start relationship building earlier in the process, it is more likely that a prospect will become a long-time customer. 

In this week's episode, we go in depth on the 5 key components to building connections. These components can be used online and in live networking scenarios. 

  1. Be authentic
  2. Show authority
  3. Bring your personality
  4. Provide value
  5. Be accessible 
  6. ...
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Episode 86 - Finding your daily focus

Most small business owners state that focus is one of their biggest daily struggles. In this episode, Jeff and Kristin discuss why we struggle with focus and how we can achieve more of it. 

You aren't the only one struggling

In a 2005 study of workplace efficiency, the average employee was able to focus on a task for just 11 minutes before becoming distracted. Once distracted, it took an average of 25 minutes to get back to the original task; sometimes, the employee never got back to that task! The most shocking stat for us: on average, we switch tasks every three to six minutes.

This explains a lot when you understand the effects of distraction. 

Why are we so distractable?

Our brains have not evolved as quickly as technology has. As part of our survival mechanism, we were programmed to respond to stimulus. Today, there is so much stimulus that our brains get easily overwhelmed. We are also overconnected. According to David Rock, author of Your Brain At Work: Strategies...

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Episode 85 - Building dreams together

Being a small business owner can be stressful. Sometimes, our businesses can add conflict in our relationships with significant others. In this episode, Jeff and Kristin discuss ways to minimize this conflict so you can start building dreams together. 

Even if your significant other does not work in your business, conflicts can exist. These conflicts usually stem from a lack of understanding between the business owner and non-business owner significant other. Creating more understanding between the two of you will allow for more joy and less stress. 

Understanding yourself

Conflicts often arise because the business owner does not have a clear vision for her business and how it will affect her life. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are in this position:

  1. What are your dreams?
  2. How will your business help you achieve these dreams?
  3. What steps are you taking to achieve those dreams?
  4. Are you setting deadlines?

We also recommend that you take the 5 love...

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Episode 84 - Your small biz advertising guide

Do you have an advertising plan? Do you have an advertising budget? Are you just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks? In this episode, we discuss steps for putting together an advertising plan and some of the best options for advertising no matter how big or small your budget is. 

Most small businesses do not have an advertising strategy; they just throw ads out into the world hoping that something will work. If you want to stop throwing money out the window, you need to have a plan. 

Five things you need to know before you start running ads

What is the purpose of the ads?

Why are you running ads in the first place? Don't automatically say it is because you want to sell people things. Depending on your price point, you may need to develop a relationship with your potential customers first. Not all ads are designed to sell. Some introduce you to a new client, while others start building a relationship. You can even run ads that provide value as a service to...

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Episode 83 – Want to get more done? Go have fun

Have you cut out hobbies to get more done? Think again!

In today’s episode, we will be talking a lot about the benefits of hobbies, and they are real.  You can promote the increase of eustress, and decrease your distress.  Essentially, help remove the bad stress and try and replace them with positive stress.

As this happens, you will see less of that horrific morning and work fatigue.  So much like sleep, hobbies are a great way to promote increases in productivity, improved social supports, and do it while having fun.

Want to be successful like Warren Buffet? Try the ukulele

After all, don’t all the gurus tell us to model successful people before they sell us a complex system on helping improve our productivity?  And how many of them told us to spend more time having fun with hobbies.

I am still looking for that guru.  I am so sick of trying to work smarter practicing systems that might help my productivity in about a month of intense practice....

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