Episode 2 - Why you need to own your platform

In this week's episode, we focus on why you need to own your platform and not rely on social media as the main way to build your business.

In the News

Apple Announces New Products 

Steve Jobs Says No To Stylist - Apple Announces the Pencil

Small Business Confidence Rises Slightly In August

Small Businesses Say Taxes Are Biggest Problem

From The Mailbag

Kristen asks about writing off a...

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Episode 1 - Profit is a good thing

In this episode, Jeff and Kristin tackle a very common question asked by business owners: Should I spend all my profit to avoid taxes?

In the news

Amazon axes Fire Phone

IRS 2013 tax return data

Question from the mailbag: Profit

Holly asked us about profit and expenses. Should you spend all your revenue to avoid taxes? Kristin and Jeff answer this question by asking if you want to work for...

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Episode 0 - What is Small Biz Life

In this episode, Jeff and Kristin introduce themselves and discuss what we plan to do on the show.

More about Jeff and Kristin

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